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Icebox users.. what does the display look like behind the trim panel?
I have a meriva B that i'd like to upgrade the radio on, would really like to fit one of those icebox android units i've read about on here... S160 i think they are, 

However they don't do one for the meriva B, so i was thinking... does the display look anything like the origional colour display from the navxxx head units fitted to the higher spec cars?? 

it's a 7 inch display i believe, and looks like this : [Image: s-l1600.jpg]

The meriva's display bracket/surround looks like [Image: Opel-Meriva-B-Rahmen-Blende-Verkleidung-...mputer.jpg]
From the back: [Image:]

Does anyone rekon i stand any chance of taking the actual display unit out of an astra J's icebox unit and fitting it to the above surround?

Has anyone got an S160 or similar unit that they have yet to fit? and could they take a photo of the rear of the display unit... i don't expect it to be exactly like the vauxhall display... but if it's 7 to 8 inches in size i stand a chance of making it fit.
Does this help. I took the photo about 2 years ago. [Image: af690fd7afca9ba5ede5ab2ab86a433b.jpg]

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2012 Astra 2.0 Cdti Sri Vx Line 

Thankyou for that, looks like it would fit with a little mod or 2,

unfortunately i've realised that the meriva's screen position is too far towards the windscreen to safely operate the touch screen of one of these stereo's, i do wonder how hard it would be to move the screen forwards and blank off the original screen's mount (they do a blanking plate for when you order the car with no stereo)

but i wonder about the air bags and that, don't want the screen launched if they evver deploy

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