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Hi there!
Hi all,

It seems like everytime I search for an answer about something to do with my car I end up on this forum. It's an amazing source thanks to the community you've built and as I've finally taken the plunge and picked up an Astra, it only made sense to join!

I'm now the proud owner of a 2013 face lift Astra 2.0 CDTI SRi Sports Tourer with 62k on the clock in grandad brown (sculpture bronze).

We have a baby on the way and I'm into cycling so the extra boot space is very much welcome. I think the colour may have helped with the price I paid for the car as its a bit like marmite. You either love it or you hate it and I happen to love it. Plus I quite like the sleeper look the colour gives the car.

Plans / dreams (for now):
- 17" steel spare running 225/50R17 tyre
- Bluetooth setup (additional 12v cig socket wired behind the dash, powering a Bluetooth receiver which feeds to an aux cable feeding through the dash near the aux port, controlled by a seperate battery-powered Bluetooth button for play/pause/skip)
- Wireless phone charger / mount setup - I aim to have the cable tucked away nicely and powered from the same 12v socket as the Bluetooth setup. But right now I'm having difficulty finding a decent wireless charging phone holder that actually fits somewhere in the car (vents are wierd so mounts don't secure fully, cd player too close to gear stick to use a mount that slots in the cd tray, not wanting anything stuck to the windscreen)
- Heko wind deflectors for front windows
- Space saver subwoofers for under front seats (keeping original head unit and speakers for now and will review again once subs are in)
- Chrome exterior trim tinted
- Wing mirrors colour-matched to the tinted chrome trim (haven't figured this out - perhaps wrapped in chrome then sprayed with the rest of the trim?)
- tail lights tinted
- Alloy wheel upgrade, likely to be some sort of 19's in black
- Remap

I could keep going and going but that's enough to keep me going for a little bit so I'm going to leave the list there.

Thanks All,

Simon K[Image: fdae5ecf783a4e9dffbf7e78b326e8ef.jpg][Image: 49b8dd332985f5dd59d97df6de1e8a02.jpg][Image: 116a864b68a459ecb5e93388311acca7.jpg][Image: 5ebf0926a63c3b3c0c9051713a805399.jpg]

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Welcome to VXOC.

Very nice clean car there.
In terms of holders have you thought of getting brodit holder which goes on the A-pillar you can then fix any phone holder to it.
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That is the one I have.
[Image: Rusty-2_zpsuzrvgsp6.GIF]
Astra-J 2.0 CDTI S/S
Retrofitted AFL, TPMS, Navi950, BT, DAB, Rear Camera, Infinity sound system, Towbar, Flexfloor & more.
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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Your car looks great in that colour. The mk 6 tourer is a nice looking car - nicer in my opinion than the current model.
Nice car mate!

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