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Help. Car just broke down.
Morning fellas. Just noticed smoke coming from the bonnet my car this morning on my way to work. So I stopped. There’s some water-like liquid all over the engine. Anyone know what this is? Thanks.
Well the only water type liquid under the bonnet will be the engine coolant, or screen wash.

Chances are its the former. It tends to have a slippery feel to it when rubbed between your fingers.

Is the expansion tank cap on properly? Any hoses leaking?
Found out it’s the engine coolant and yeah, it’s felt kinda slippery to the touch. There’s a small pipe leaking. Drover to a nearby garage. Thanks Dave.
Had the thermostat housing replaced but now the needle just goes from 0 to halfway in less than a minute. That’s not normal. Haven’t seen the temperature needle rising that fast. Anyone got any idea what this could be? Thanks.
hard to say for sure, but sounds like its got an airlock
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera

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