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Heated seat diagnostic issue
Hi folks,

I bought a second hand 2012 Astra Elite which is running pretty well, only problem is the heated seats. The passenger one kind of works but feels like some of the modules aren't working, the driver's seat's lights go on for 15 seconds and then black out - no heat.

I took it in for a service, hoping my mechanic would be able to sort it, unfortunately their diagnostic tools don't look at the seats. His advice was to take it to a Vauxhall garage, but warned they're probably charge me £90 just to plug in the diagnostic tool. 

My question is, can anyone recommend a cheaper option, is there a tool I can buy online that will tell me what's wrong with the seats? The mechanic thought they'd all be the same as his (e.g. not go into that kind of detail)

Any advice would be massively appreciated.
Hi welcome to vxoc, it's a common problem normally being seat heater mats in the cushion. There is plenty of info on the forum on this issue. On my old elite I tried the vauxhall connector mod but ended up fitting a new drivers seat as it was cheaper and easier than stripping the seat.
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