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Headlight bulbs
Hi guys,

I've had a read of the thread regarding the bulb fitment etc. for my GTC and understand it to be 9012 and I am a bit unsure of what options I have in terms of bulbs. I have bought the LED drls and fitted them and they look good but are much whiter than my headlights, I am unsure what is involved in converting my headlights to proper HID's instead of illegal ones that will blind people. So many dodgy kits available I'm a little confused, if it is too much of big job I wouldn't mind getting some phillips 5200k bulbs to make them a bit whiter.

Has anyone done either of these things with the GTC?

There seems to be such a limited choice of bulbs available even when looking at the 9006 bulbs which once trimmed will fit, any help is appreciated.. Cheers!
So I have been looking around and I have compiled a list of non-HID options (just bulb replacement)

OSRAM Nightbreaker Unlimited - HB4 9006 Fitment

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OSRAM Cool blue intense - HB4 9006 Fitment

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Philips Diamond Vision - HB4 9006 Fitment

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Has anybody fitted any of these? I don't want to buy a set of bulbs if they are too blue or yellow. Thanks in advance
I'm having the same problem, I can't find any new information on headlight upgrades.
I know some people using AliExpress LED H7s from HLXG brand (10.000LM) with reflector headlights (without projectors). They have same pattern with halogens and they don't blind people as most of us thought.

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