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Headlight Swap
I have an Astra J 5 Door elite with halogen headlights and normal Halogen DRL’s , does anyone know if I could swap the headlights for the factory halogen with LED drls, would it be a straight swap or would it have to be programmed into the car, thanks
Yes it is possible. The main headlamp connector is the same.
After the change the DRL error appear on the dash board. Of course, LED DRLs have lower current consumption. That's what I expected.
The vehicle BCM cannot be reprogrammed unfortunately. But I didn't expect that. :-( .
I tried and I tried but couldn't found a nice solution.
At the end I added a resistor on the DRL wire an solve it. Not nice but it's working.
Is the dimming function working as it should be (day/night mode)?
Yes, everything works fine.
Except "DRL error" mention earlier.

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