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Grinding rotating noise from GTC?
Hi all, 

Got a little problem with the GTC 2014 Sport CDTI 2.0L. Recently its been making this horrible grinding noise. The noise is really loud when I turn the car on in the morning, it eases away when the car is warmed up a bit but does not disappear. It seems to be coming from under the engine but I can't be sure.

A lot of information online has pointed to the DMF or clutch release bearing, not sure which applies to me.

The noise is made when;
- The car is turnt on, gear in neutral, clutch decompressed
- First gear, second gear and can even hear it slightly in higher up gears
- When the clutch is disengaged

When I push down the clutch, the noise seems to go and returns when I put it into gear and release the clutch.

I've attached a short video (turn up volume)
Look forward to your replies, any info would be useful

Thanks, Matt

that sounds very much like the dual mass failing
(31:st-Oct-2018, 19:44:37)johno1412 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.that sounds very much like the dual mass failing

Yeah i thought so too

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