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Got me a new workshop space!
So this has been a long time in planning, but on Friday I finally received the keys to my new house Smile

As part of the purchase, it actually came with the site sales office as a double garage giving me some near 50sqm on workshop space (approximately 7mx7m in size).

The bare concrete floor requires sealing and I'm considering putting down a two part epoxy flooring and wanted to ask about if anyone had a) any experience of this and b) knew of an epoxy supplier in the UK that also supply "flecked" flooring? I'm kind of liking a gloss black with a light glittery type flecking to it (it would help with future plans.)

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Congratulations, the garage, sorry I mean the house sounds great.
Dunno much about sealing the bare concrete, but at a garage I used to work at we had a new floor laid in the workshop which was a self levelling epoxy compound, it did look good and seemed to hold up to the workshop abuse, but I've no idea what brand/make it was.
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Thanks bud. Over the weekend, I have looked at the same few companies through different names, looks like there are only a few DIY brands out there but the reviews seem to hold up to a home workshop space.

I was hoping to put in a small lift, but looks like I might be going for one of those scissor style ones as I dont think I'm getting permission to pull the ceiling down.

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