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Fuel pump needs priming?
I recently had my fuel tank replaced due to a hole in the pipe s, since it’s been replaced I need to prime my fuel pump every time I start the car or it will just turn over for what seems like ages!

Is there any way of fixing this??
Should be self priming, I'd check fuel filter condition also. When I did my fuel filter I'd took a few turns before springing into life.
I also had to have a new fuel tank as had a hole, I have an issue now though of tank not registering level correctly. I may have a look in the summer but I tend to fill up on halfway. You could also check they haven't kinked a pipe.
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I had a new filter fitted also, it starts fine with stop/start just when it’s been stood for a while I have to turn the key and wait for pump to prime before I start it
Sounds to me like the fuel is bleeding back to the tank, don't know if they have one way valve or not but the pipe should remain full
NAVI950 , DAB+ & Rear Camera , quick heat, auto lights and rain sensor retrofit Smile

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