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Fuel filter change
Hello guys.
I am brand new to forum today so sorry if making mistakes.

I have vauxhall astra gtc and want to change the filter buy worry about a few things.

1) Undo the bleed screw and drain out fuel
2) Remove filter cap using 36mm socket
3) Change filter and seal
4) Screw all back together.

Where I need help is:

1) Are you meant to have minimal diesel in your tank when doing this? Does the drain screw drain out the whole tank or just what's in the filter?

2) Starting the car - do you simple start the car or do you need to prime it first / fill up the tank with fresh fuel. As I worry about it not starting.

Thanks any help would be great.

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Hi there first welcome to the forum mate, I would always have at least 1/4 of a tank as you don't want to be drawn up any crap on the bottom of the tank, as for the screw on the fuel filter housing that just drains the fuel filter and fuel up to the high pressure fuel pump prior to changing, and yes the system needs primed up prior to starting by just turning the ignition on at least 10 times any way until you can no longer hear the pump pushing the fuel back up, so all you do is remove the bleed screw on the filter housing let the fuel drain out then use the 36mm socket remove filter and replace then fit new filter and tighten back up and refit bleed screw on to fuel filter housing cap then prime up.

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Hi everson,

Don't want to scare you but I had serious problems trying to start my car after changing the diesel fuel filter. I did as you should, turning the ignition on a several times to prime the pump, but I don't think that worked for me. It just wouldn't start, not even the slightest bit.

I then tried losening the fuel pipes going to the injectors to get any air out but thet didn't work either.
As a last resort (my battery was almost dead from previous tries) I tried starting the car by spraying start pilot in the air intake (I don't know if you know it by the same name. It's a can filled with a flammable gas fuel/air mixture). Motor and dash lights went really crazy but after the third try the engine stayed on and my battery was just on it's last power.

I did probably make a crucial mistake when refitting the new filter. I screwed the drain plug to the housing BEFORE fitting the housing and filter back to the car. As a result I pushed air back in the fuel lines. I even heard some bubbling while putting it in place. A misstake I won't make again and probably the reason why it wouldn't start. But I don't know for sure.
Hey lain.

Thanks for this it's a big help and thanks for welcome. Seems simple enough but then someone else had a torrid time with. If it was actually my car I would worry so much, bit since I'm doing it for a friend I'm in too minds whether to just leave it out of his service lol. But he does need to save money and I want to help. So I'm just back and forth lol.

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Hey Levens

Yeah I think I read your post before I joined and I think it was you troubles that had me worrying lol. Since its not my car I'm just in too minds as I don't want to case any problems but then also I really want to help a friend save some money and get his car in peak condition. Lol

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Lol I've done it several times on the car now with no issues whatsoever you pretty much mentioned the process yourself anyway so you shouldn't have any issues anyway. As long as everythings put back together before you prime it you will be ok.

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Thanks again. I'm currently now back again lol. I most likely will do it. I will keep people posted on how it goes as not doing it until new year but just getting research in niw.

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Well as other people don't have problems with it I would just try it. Just don't make my misstake Smile
Totally worth doing it yourself as it saves you a lot of money. And well, first time is always hard but you learn and the next time you do it it will be easy Smile.

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