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Engine Revs High
Hi Folks,

I have a 2011 Astra 2.0 SRI (Diesel) 42k on the clock.

I have noticed (although its very intermittent; 3 over the last 6 months) that when I have set off from traffic lights and change up from 1st to 2nd; I lose power and the revs increase as if I have depressed the clutch and accelerator at the same time. I have had to pull the car over switch it off and start again and all is back to normal.

It drives perfectly fine otherwise, no loss of power or anything.

any ideas?

thanks in advance
Hi there, sounds as if your clutch is on its road out to be honest, don't be surprised as mines needing done at 49000 as I got my car remapped but has toasted the clutch lol.

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