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ESP service message, erratic fuel range figures on trip computer
Dear All,

I have a couple of very recent issues with my 63 plate GTC 1.4 t and wonder if anyone can give me some advice.

One relates to the ABS warning light and traction control light illuminating on the dashboard together with an ESP service warning message on the trip computer. I think this might be a sensor issue somewhere.

The vehicle is running ok (ie no misfires, slightly slow pulling away like in a very slight limp mode when it gets to 2000 revs).

Is this an easy fix or something more sinister? Has anyone experienced this issue?

This has been closely followed (yesterday) by the trip computer showing erratic numbers on how much fuel is in the petrol tank. Started with a range of 130 miles left of petrol ( I believe this to have been the correct figure), then went down to 68, back to 111 for example. This was on the same journey which was about 3 miles.

Are the two linked? Might be the cars ECU?

The car has been recently serviced by a reputable mechanic.
Best to get any fault codes read out - beats the guesswork.

Fuel range left value needs a few miles covered before getting an accurate reading. A couple of harsh accelerations for example over a 3 mile journey will see the value drop dramatically, and then come back up again a few miles later.
Thanks Big Dave.

I will see what fault codes come up when the car is plugged into the diagnostic device!

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