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Do I still have an issue??
So had the car back for a couple of weeks now since getting new glow plugs, exhaust manifold and turbo fitted due to DPF and turbo under pressure faults.
While the car had these issues, it was performing a passive regen every 50 miles or so. Since its repair, the passive regens are consistently every 100 - 110 miles. Even if i stop the car during a regen and it fails, it wont carry out the next one for another 100 miles. this is regardless of engine temp/fuel level, which I'm sure I read somewhere form part of the criteria for the car carrying out a regen? Example this morning the car performed and completed a regen while the engine temp was barely off the 50c mark on the gauge, fuel light was also on... 
Regens at this rate would equate to an oil life of 10k as life appears to reduce 1% every regen, does this seem correct?

Also 9 times out of 10 when starting the engine, it sounds like a bag of spanners being thrown around for a few seconds then sounds nomal...

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