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Diameter of front discs

Euro car parts are doing up to 55% off today, so I'm after buying front and back discs and pads. I can get the lot for £156.46!

Problem is I'm unsure of the diameter of the front disc. Euro car parts say that there's 2 types 300mm and 321mm I've just measured mine and they're 280mm!

Cars a 1.6t 2010

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My bad. Had another measure they're 300mm front

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300mm front and 292mm rear if your car has 5x115 pcd wheels. 276mm front and 268mm rear if your car has 5x105 pcd wheels. VXR has 355mm front and 314mm rear discs.
Cheers mate. Thats what I ended up ordering 300mm front 292 rear.

Any idea what the labour would be to get them replaced?

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I would have thought about an hours labour at the most at a garage, so whatever your local charges per hour. Put it this way, it was just over an hours labour for our garage to remove both gtc front struts and change springs and then refit them. This included removing the discs and calipers first, so removing caliper and changing just the discs would be even quicker.
Well they're all fitted now. £40 plus vat an hour, took 2 hours. Saved about £8 in the end with buying my own parts at a discount. Ha.

I bought Pagid discs and pads for the front and Eicher discs and pads for the back which where a lot cheaper than the Pagids

What brand do Vauxhall use? Are the pagids any good?

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(19:th-May-2017, 10:22:49)dutton84 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.What brand do Vauxhall use? Are the pagids any good?

Delphi among others, IIRC.

Pagid is a reputable brand.

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