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DPF Level App
I don't know if anyone has used this but I stumbled across it today and is showing to be working when Paired to my ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD Dongle, basically it shows the DPF Soot level, distance since last regen and DPF temperature. Very handy if you want to keep an eye on things. The app is called OPL DPF Monitor Lite and is free in the Playstore. I've attached a screenshot of it working today on my 2.0 CDTI. [Image: 3d345a6eefc774267bf4c84b3292fbf0.jpg]

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This looks very handy I'll give it a go once my elm327 arrives Smile
It does not support all models ,mine shows only EGT temperature,still a good App
I just want to know my levels as I'm. Sure my car has never done a regen
Dosent work at all on mine any reasons why?
Seems a very long time since last regen?

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Mine won't read the EGT temp

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