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DPF Drill & ECU Remap - thoughts please.

I keep getting the message on the dash every few weeks on the Astra CDTI 20111 saying DPF full, continue driving.

My thoughts are to sell the car and get a petrol, but we like the car and waited ages to find the right one. So I have been speaking to a local garage who did a DPF removal and Remap on my mates BMW X5.

Basically, the guy at the garage said they wont remove it on the J, but they drill holes in the filter, and then re-map the ECU. All in £350.00.

Whats your thoughts guys?

I wouldn't as they are clamping down on this when the mot changes this year and are reducing the smoke test to pick up on cars with tampered dpfs and also will fail it if they suspect it has been tampered with, I did have a dpf delete which is the filter getting removed or altered but keeping the housing there but you do notice a increase in smoke out the rear which the smoke test will catch resulting the car failing and possibly a heavy fine. I only put my car back to standard a few weeks ago and put a 2nd hand dpf back into it.

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I've got a gutted DPF sat in my loft waiting to be fitted & spare ECU just have to have a remap.

the way I see it they are not allowed to remove anything during an M.O.T so they can't drop the under-tray and see the bottom of the DPF, they can't see the side of the DPF that's been welded back up & as long as you give it good blast before the M.O.T you should pass just fine.

With the right remap the car will run cleaner with DPF removed.
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That's why they are halving the smoke test to pick up on gutted dpfs as they still put out slightly more smoke than dpfs that haven't been gutted as they are really clamping down on it as when they do the smoke test they give it a good rev as if is under load which will produce more smoke than one with the dpf still in place. Also as above post I posted earlier if there is any suspicion on it removed they are aloud to fail it and then I presume it would need to be inspected before it is passed. You can definately tell the difference with the dpf out bit more smoke under load ie pulling away and the whistling off the turbo. But as above you can't removed parts but the new smoke test should detect it.

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on my car (meriva 1.3cdti) if the clutch is down in neutral, the engine will only rev to 3k rpm.... so... switch hidden somewhere that when operated bypasses the clutch position sensor and makes it think it's down... you operate the switch just before you get out the car at the mot station....

of course if clutch position sensor faulty throws up the engine management light as well as a DTC when the car is driven about the garage for the various tests, it'll fail for that instead,

maybe a remote operated switch then... you stand watching the test, and when it's smoke test time you press the remote in your pocket that halves the revs,
Even if the DPF has visible signs it's been cut and rewelded, providing you've got proof that it's been cleaned at some point (i.e. a garage invoice confirming the work) then they can't fail it on "tampered" appearance.
Had our car MOT'd on Monday and the guys in there were saying they are being advised to clamp down hard but stated they were told the major changes were down to clamping down on those who use adblue. He mentioned those with switches, so they are aware and will be taking steps. He said they are changing the law again so that any car that fails with a serious safety issue can be impounded until it is towed away by the owners, so you wouldn't be able to drive it away. He said the emissions/smoke test was going to be a lot stricter. The guys that did our MOT are our local ones and I've used them for a number of years, and they are great old guys.
Yeah they are seriously clamping down, it will be down to all the high air pollution results, Isn't worth the risk now that's why I put a 2nd hand one in prior to trading mine in and also taking the map off, not only that if the car is in a accident insurance is void as well as the fine you would incur, anyone on here that has had the dpf gut will know what I mean with the whistling off the turbo once you get it done, sounded as if it was going to take off lol.

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