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Car won’t start when cold
Hi, I’m new to the forum, never really had to ask for help as everything’s on here but I have a problem I can’t find an answer to. I have a 2010 2.0D Astra J that won’t start when it’s cold. Initially I thought it was the battery and have replaced that. I then changed the glow relay and plugs and I’m still having trouble when it’s cold. It will start with easy start (I know I shouldn’t use it in a diesel) but after using that it will continue starting all day until the engine gets cold again. I took it to a mechanic before doing the plugs and he said fuel is getting to the engine and he was 100% the plugs needed changing. I did check them with a multimeter and they were fine but replaced them anyway. Any ideas?
i would get a compression check done, the diesel ignites by the heat created when the piston creates a high compression, if you have a worn valve(s) or piston(s) it would lower this.
I regularly watch a channel called Salvage Rebuilds UK on YouTube. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

They recently bought an ex fleet diesel Vauxhall Combo Van (with a Fiat engine fitted IIRC). It had exactly the same problem. An absolute bitch to start from cold, but would then start again and run all day without further issues.

Turns out it was the injectors.

Here is the full playlist. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

They also had another van with the same problems. Yet again it was faulty injectors.

Despite their trade contacts, the replacement injectors were not cheap.
Thanks for the reply’s, I’ll try and get both looked at when I get paid. Another thing I have noticed the last 2 days is it using a lot of coolant (full bottle in 2 days). I know this maybe a different problem. There is no damp patches under the car, no unusual smoke and the oil is black ??‍♂️. No OBD codes showing either.
Re coolant loss. Get a sniff test carried out on the header tank to see if hydrocarbons are present - i.e. sign of head gasket failure.
if you are losing your coolant and it is not leaking it can only be going one of 2 ways, into the sump via the oil or out the exhaust as steam, as you say the oil is black and no sign of a creamy header tank the engine must be burning it off as steam which you may not see until engine is under load ie when you are driving not on tick over. as has been suggested it looks like it could be your head gasket or cracked head as this would also lower your compression causing difficulty starting.
I had a leak on mine and couldn't find anything. The garage found it was some cover at the front of the engine that had a crack in it. I'll have to dig out the invoice to find out the correct part name/part number

Just called water housing on the invoice. I believe it was front bumper side of the engine and down a bit
I had to change mine, common fault , fits on the end of the egr valve , bit of a pig to do and it's normally a hairline crack. Doesn't normally leak massively though and it sits on undertray
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Yes thats the one! The garage said that they had changed some before

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