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Car unlocked and front windows half down.
Hi, just gone out to find car Astra j 1.7 cdti Ecoflex with front windows half way down and doors unlocked.

I've searched this site and two other Vauxhall sites as I'm sure I read a post from someone with the same problem, to no avail. Any one come across this fault before or can direct me to the the relevant post. Thanks.

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Most cases keys are kept in the pocket.

There was also an issue on early models with front only electric windows where the windows would fully open without the key being touched.

GM disabled the feature by programming the BCM when the cars went in for service or other work.

They have since re-enabled the feature with updated software since around 2013.
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Thanks Rusty, this looks like what has happened. Must have been pressing the key fob in my pocket when I was fitting the dogs harness at the front door.

I didn't even know I had the window roll down feature. So thanks for the late Christmas present or early Easter egg.

Cheers Ken.

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I've had the same problem with mine,
when at work with keys in my pocket-went out in yard and car open and windows down, happened 3 times.
now I keep keys in my locker!
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I know I'll be looking out the window before I go to bed to check it hasn't happened again. Nice to know you can lock car and roll windows back up using the lock button on key fob as well.

Cheers Ken.

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