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Car boot.
Evening All,
After some advise please?
My boot release button has stopped working on my 2010 astra, it's been working absolutey fine and has just stopped?
Any ideas on what to do/try to find out the problem??
broken wire where the loom goes from the boot into the car?
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
Was this not a common issue on the astra h and it turned out to be the electronic handle/lock itself that would pack in. Not sure if it would be a similar issue on the Astra J' s though.

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I opened it up the boot on Sunday and it was working fine, then today it's stopped working again??
Do you think that hooking it up to a diagnostic machine would tell me anything??
Might or might not, to me that sounds like a loose connection or broken wire then again it could also be a broken solder joint in the switch it self, best thing to do would be to remove the switch and check for a supply to the boot switch and move the boot lid and keep checking for a supply to prove it isn't the wire and it is the switch at fault. But don't shut the boot completely with the switch disconnected or you won't get it open.

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I have today replaced the voot lock solenoid.
It was working fine when I first replaced it, however I went to use it an hour or so later and it wouldn't open again??
I released it in the boot with a screw driver and it started locking and unlocking fine.
A couple of hours later and it not opening again??
Does the car after a certain amount of time reset the electrics (central locking)
Which might explain it??
Try disconnecting the battery and see how it goes even leave it for 30mins to a hour to let it all power down. But if your cars locked and has a alarm don't disconnect negative first do positive first as I done the negative first and it set the alarm off.

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Ok I will try that tomorrow thanks,
Hopefully that will work as I'm pulling my hair out having to go through the back seats everytime I want to put things in the Boot!! ??
Yeah it isn't ideal the old astra h models were famous for the issue you had with the boot locks, failing the battery trick working I would check the wiring in the boot area and clean earth connections as it may be a earth connection that is a bit dirty and not getting a decent contact to the chassis.

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Funnily enough, i seem to have the same issue, just picked up a 13reg GTC and the boot opens using the key however doesn't when pressing the badge

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