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CD400, usb stick.. setting out the folders/files
Decided to get a usb stick to put a few mp3's on as the sound via my cheap blutooth adaptor (playing songs on the phone) is very low. 

Glad to find i get proper volume playing songs off the usb stick.. but i'm being a bit thick here... how to hell do i set up the various atributes so it displays nicely on the (GID) display? 

i mean, there's 'name' which is the file name with .mp3 at the end, then things like 'album' 'album artist', 'album ID', 'featured artist', 'genre'  and so on, i tried filling in as many as i could, and that gives me loads of options to search for songs... but it looks crap when in the main play display mode....

I noticed that when playing a song (most of my songs are full albums in a single file... downloaded from youtube using a sound ripper) that it can have 3 lines displayed... all mine just say the album name repeated on top and bottom lines, leaving middle line blank.. except for a single one that i had something in the 'featured artist' part.. that showed up on the middle line.

Is there a write up somewhere on how to 'label' the songs on the usb stick so they show up best on the display in the car?

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