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CD400 buttons not working Android head unit install
Hi guys,

I've got a android head unit installed on my Astra SRI 2012 and I cannot make the buttons from the CD400 work. I've got a shop in SE london to do the installation, but it was their first android head unit like that installed on an Astra so I think they missed something.

My unit is similar to the RV5754 You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. and everything else seems to work fine, except the buttons on the panel.

I researched a bit and it seems there is a plug with a single brown wire that should be plugged into a cable and may be the cable on the back of the CD400 that is the closet to the driver's side. I'm just trying to understand better what actually needs to be plugged where, so I'm collecting bits that I've read here and there. Is this cable used previously used for the old screen connecting it to the CD400?

Any advice is much appreciated!
I am having the same issue.
Did you managed a to fix it?

I have connected the brown wire, it is exactly were you have describe it, but the buttons don’t works.
Mine worked after the plug with a single wire was connected to the car loom, it just uses a single wire due to being canbus. If you connected it to the right plug it should work. Try to remap the buttons on your head unit to see if any button works
Will take everything out again in the weekend and try again.
It is kind of hard to mess up the connections because the plugs fit snugly to their designated pair, but who knows, maybe I forgot something. I did try with the brown wire connected and disconnected and it made no difference for me.
The buttons panel has 4 connections, 1 for esp/traction control, 1 for parking sensors, 1 for ac controls and the last one is the power, it goes on the right side of the panel and has 3 wires in the plug.
The connection with the brown wire is paired with the connection form the old display if I am not mistaken.
As you said in your first post, everything works, except for the panel’s buttons.

Will post here after is find a workaround.

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