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Where all the Brummies at? 
I'm Black Country NOT Birmingham lol
Think im the only one on here!. Big grin
(2:nd-Sep-2016, 18:20:47)Rymaan82 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.Think im the only one on here!. Big grin

Make that two Big grin

Just joined up, am also around on the Facebook groups too, passed my test 3 months ago and bought my GTC couple of months ago Smile
Living in Solihull, Birmingham Smile
I am near Birmingham, I live in Cannock
First post i searched for was fellow J owners ?

I'm in Smethwick near Birmingham, owned my J 2months
Hi guys.

Not quite Birmingham but Stourbridge is not far away.
Hi all Dudley
Astra Gtc
Fellow Brummie here too, Great Barr, Birmingham.
Hi guys I'm up in Telford not far from Birmingham

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Just joined the site, also live in Cannock.

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