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Bluetooth Aux options???
So after picking my Astra Elite up today and discovered there's no Bluetooth, I was wondering what other options everyone has used?

I am looking at Bluetooth Jack devices, however I noticed it's a bit of a tight squeeze for some devices.

I want to be able to answer and end calls play, pause and skip music but without lengthy wires all over the dash or by the gear box. Suggestions??

I think I've spent a fair few hours looking at Amazon, eBay and You Tube for the best device and still none the wiser!!!

Previously used an FM transmitter in my old car which worked well, but want a cleaner option.

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Bluetooth Receiver, TaoTronics... You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

The link is for a Bluetooth device. I use this on my Astra J elite.
Thanks for the link!
I've looked at a few and in an ideal world would like as little/no wire if possible.

I've been looking at this You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. but unsure if it will fit in the gap due to not know the size!

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Yeah size can be a bit of a bugger. Can always return it if it doesn’t fit.
Well I took the plunge, added a 3.5mm jack adapter in the hope it would fit more flush with the dash for easier operation/access.

Win! [Image: d1de40a2230dc904246d7e03cbf7cb3e.jpg]

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How effective is it?

Does it cut to calls if it’s not on the aux and listening to radio or cd?

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