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Automatic worries
Hi all

I have a 2013 Astra SRi 2.0 CDTi Auto Tourer with 45k miles on the clock

It has been perfect since i bought it 4 months ago but noticed in the last few days that when on the motorway (whether the engine is hot or cold), as soon as i let off the accelerator, even a little bit, due to traffic etc, it changes down from 6th to 5th with a very small jerk. The jerk is much more noticeable than normal changes and wasn't happening last week.

I thought maybe it was trying to keep the revs up due to a DPF regen, and when i stopped yesterday the fan kept running for a bit (i understand this is due to a regen). However the jerk was happening today too.

I drove the 18 miles this morning in 5th so as to keep the revs above 2k, just in case it needed to complete a regen but it is still happening.

It seems to be worse in on the drive home interestingly when sat for 8 hours as opposed to in the morning when sat for 14.

I am thinking that either:
  • The gearbox is dying (dear god, lets hope not)
  • The car needs a service - not due for 6 months
  • Software bug
There is no whining or grinding from the gearbox at all and all other changes are normal. I am not losing any coolant either.

How much do i need to be worrying about this clunk that started all of a sudden?

I also noticed that when in 6th gear at 60-70mph, if i accelerate, the rev counter rises 200rpm instantly then come down and go up normally.

Is this normal? It has been suggested that i need a software update to the gearbox so need to take it to Vauxhall.  Been quoted £69 to do the updates from Eden.

Many thanks
I would deffo have the software update done
It sounds like it's slipping on acceleration, the update could help with this
it could also be a sensor fault, or low fluid level - (any sign of a leak??) or if it has an oil cooler that could be leaking coolant into the g/box
I hope this isn't a common problem - (Ive a 1.6 petrol auto)
Thanks for the reply

No signs of a leak anywhere, but ill get it on a lift to check

Think the software update is the first port of call. i removed the battery for 10 minutes to reset the ECU and it seemed better. Didnt change down so quickly but the revs still jumped in 6th on acceleration.

I think my only option is to have a service and software update and hope and prey the gearbox is ok.

It seems more sluggish and the MPG has dropped so a service is a good start
Now getting a vibration through the accelerator

Oh god!

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