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Automatic worries
Hi all

I have a 2013 Astra SRi 2.0 CDTi Auto Tourer with 45k miles on the clock

It has been perfect since i bought it 4 months ago but noticed in the last few days that when on the motorway (whether the engine is hot or cold), as soon as i let off the accelerator, even a little bit, due to traffic etc, it changes down from 6th to 5th with a very small jerk. The jerk is much more noticeable than normal changes and wasn't happening last week.

I thought maybe it was trying to keep the revs up due to a DPF regen, and when i stopped yesterday the fan kept running for a bit (i understand this is due to a regen). However the jerk was happening today too.

I drove the 18 miles this morning in 5th so as to keep the revs above 2k, just in case it needed to complete a regen but it is still happening.

It seems to be worse in on the drive home interestingly when sat for 8 hours as opposed to in the morning when sat for 14.

I am thinking that either:
  • The gearbox is dying (dear god, lets hope not)
  • The car needs a service - not due for 6 months
  • Software bug
There is no whining or grinding from the gearbox at all and all other changes are normal. I am not losing any coolant either.

How much do i need to be worrying about this clunk that started all of a sudden?

I also noticed that when in 6th gear at 60-70mph, if i accelerate, the rev counter rises 200rpm instantly then come down and go up normally.

Is this normal? It has been suggested that i need a software update to the gearbox so need to take it to Vauxhall.  Been quoted £69 to do the updates from Eden.

Many thanks
I would deffo have the software update done
It sounds like it's slipping on acceleration, the update could help with this
it could also be a sensor fault, or low fluid level - (any sign of a leak??) or if it has an oil cooler that could be leaking coolant into the g/box
I hope this isn't a common problem - (Ive a 1.6 petrol auto)
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Thanks for the reply

No signs of a leak anywhere, but ill get it on a lift to check

Think the software update is the first port of call. i removed the battery for 10 minutes to reset the ECU and it seemed better. Didnt change down so quickly but the revs still jumped in 6th on acceleration.

I think my only option is to have a service and software update and hope and prey the gearbox is ok.

It seems more sluggish and the MPG has dropped so a service is a good start
Now getting a vibration through the accelerator

Oh god!
To give an update

I took the car to a gearbox specialist and they pulled the codes. It shows P1731 INCORRECT GEAR RATIO (slipping) and P0218 GEARBOX OIL OVER TEMPERATURE.

They called and said i needed a gearbox recon at a cost of £2800 (ouch)

I took it somewhere else for a second opinion/competitive quote. They checked there was no codes still being held and took it on a long test drive. Came back codes.

He then suggested that they do a gearbox oil change as this could throw similar codes and symptoms. They did the oil change and found that it was 0.8 litre down on what it should have. They used the Launch ATF machine.

As for the missing oil, they found a very small leak on the gearbox cooling pipes and suggested they are replaced.

Haven't got to drive it yet but my wife (who picked it up) said it drove like a dream with no harsh gear changes, slipping or clunks.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me

Total bill including diagnostics, oil change and pipe replacement was £455
that sounds like a result mate , fingers crossed
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