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Astra j cd400 upgrade to cd500 [emoji2]
Hi everyone hope
Your all well at this strange time,
I have an Astra j 2013 with cd400 fitted with no usb no Bluetooth and no dab. I’m looking to upgrade to the cd500 and wondered if any of you lovely’s could please point me in the right direction or wires I need
To purchase to make swap over smoother. I’m new to all this so please bare with me and any help is much appreciated.
Many thanks
Hay Smile
As it says on your profile that you're in Hampshire, you best bet is to talk to Rusty (he's in Bournemouth) I'm sure he can sort you out with all the info and help that you need.
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
Thanks Smile I have messaged him also. Hay

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Did you go direct from cd400 to cd500 was it a straight forward swap apart from new wires needed and do you now have Bluetooth and dab as I’m aware I may need a shark fin aerial for dab?

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whichever radio unit you choose, (there are lots of factory units available) you will probably need new wiring and the unit will need to be coded to make it work.
a lot of people have fitted the 950 unit but we now know that the maps can no-longer be updated!
the navi 600 is more common upgrade, but will need the separate bluetooth module and wiring, aerial etc along with coding, if you want to have Dab, you'll need the module and coding (and the appropriate aerial, wiring etc).

I was lucky, my car had the navi600 unit factory fitted along with bluetooth and was configured for Dab (but not fitted) so all I needed to do was fit the 2 modules and then get Rusty to code it up to work.

why not just keep the CD400 and have the dab, bluetooth and usb fitted and coded (along with aerial and wiring)?
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera

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