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Astra J GTC 2.0 CDTi suspension
Hello guys, 

I am planning to buy Opel Astra J GTC 2.0 CDTi 165 hp. I have one nice offer on car from year 2012 with just 52 000 km on dash. I really like the car but I am little bit worried about suspension system FlexRide. (previously I had Subaru with electrically adaptive shock absorbers and after 100 000 km I had to change them - it was unreliable expensive change). My question is how qualitatively good are these shock absorbers in Astra GTC (how much mileage they are able to make) and also if it´s possible to switch them for non FlexRide shock absorbers (of course all of them in one time)? 
Do you know about any other glitch which this car has and I should be careful about? 

Sorry for my english I am actually from Czech Republic, but this car is not such popular in here. 

Thank you for any feedback 


I have a normal 2010 astra J 1.7 110bph with Sport button and Flexride.
I really like the function, but now my rear shock is starting to leak and i'll have to replace them to get through the next MOT. They are very expensive. Probably too expensive for the extra fun you get.
Also unable to find aftermarket flexride shocks. And they seem to cost about 10x as much.
I still need to contact my garage though, so I don't have a final price for these shocks just yet.

If you want the sport function where your gas pedal is more sensitive without the flexride system you can just buy a pedal box and get simular results.
Thank you, for your post. I spoke with one dealer of Opel(Vauxhall) and he told me that it's possible to switch for normal shock absorbers and disable function of sport and tour buttons. I decided to buy the car ?
Well, I would keep the Sport button but only disable the change in suspension.
Enjoy it while it works Smile

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