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Astra J 1.7 81kw engine power
Hi, I have an Astra J, 1.7 diesel - 81kw from 2010 and I have a big problem for more than a year. When the engine is at normal temperature (90 degrees) when I drive constant between 1800-2100 RPM the whole car shuddered. When the engine is cold there is no problem.

I cleaned the EGR (only EGR is clean now, not the whole admission system), I changed it with a second one and also changed it with a new one and the problem persists. If I unplug the EGR cable, the problem doesn't appear. On the tester, there are problems with the EGR (the test is on the road and the values are not good, sometimes are too high and sometimes are too low when the car shuddered). 

On the tester I have two errors: P1259 and P2297. I delete it and after few days these two errors appears. I do not have engine check on in the dashboard. 

I want to mention that the car eliminates little black smoke at strong accelerators. 

Could you help me please? Thank you and have a nice day!
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