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Astra GTC Exhaust
Hi guys

I am new to this forum and wondered if you could help me please?  My car failed its MOT on Friday due to needing a whole new exhaust.  My garage phoned around every motor factor in the area who did not have the part and eventually phoned Vauxhall who said that due to the GTC having a short run life, no after market parts were made.  Therefore the part needs to be ordered from Vauxhall direct, from Germany at a cost of over £800 and 3-5 working days.  Car is now out of MOT and cannot be driven as I assumed that a part would be sourced locally on the day or the next day at the very least.  When husband phoned Vauxhall to ask for part numbers they refused to give it to him as they knew he would try ebay.

This is really not on as they have effectively taken the choice away from the customer.  Any ideas on what the part numbers are and where I can source the whole exhaust system cheaper that Vauxhall?

Many thanks
What engine do you?

Also if you provide your reg I can get you part numbers.
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