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Astra GTC Biturbo paint damage
I had a Astra SRI 1.7 which was written off by the insurance company, I decided to buy an Astra GTC Biturbo which I picked up on Monday Week, on the Wednesday I drove down to Rusty 2009 house for some upgrades to IPC & to replace the Car Vision unit with my Pioneer avic-f88, however I had an accident with wall approaching the alleyway where Rusty's garage & scraped the paint off down to the primer on my driver's side rear wheel arch, did get repair done by a company called Revive, left me £240 out of pocket but the result was well worth the money spent, pictures to arrive shortly.
[Image: 1.jpeg]

[Image: 2.jpeg]

[Image: 3.jpeg]

[Image: 4.jpeg]

[Image: 5.jpeg]

[Image: 6.jpeg]

[Image: 7.jpeg]

[Image: 8.jpeg]

[Image: 9.jpeg]

[Image: 10.jpeg]
Many thanks Rusty.

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