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Astra GTC
I've actually had this a while now, almost a year. 2.0 CDTI, remapped to 205bhp

Here's a week after initial purchase.

[Image: ghKkJZr.jpg]

[Image: w1Htnmo.jpg]

[Image: tEAlZOk.jpg]

[Image: OEUue5b.jpg]

Opel badges all round instead 
Retrofitted the LED tail lights
Smoked inidicators

[Image: 5jsxGnE.jpg]

Next on the list:
Dewipe rear
Lower by 30mm (unsure if I should)
LED front lights
VXR Side Skirts

Any suggestions?
a set of vxr side skirts would look good and go with the rear bumper Smile

Opel badges look so much better than the vauxhall griffin

the problem with lowering any car is the state of the roads at the moment, too many pot holes Looney

ps: perhaps add a vxr rear spolier to your list

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