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Android 8.0 V5754 Head unit questions
Hi all,
I curently have one of the older android hu from icebox, but looking at the v5754 mainly to get the better CPU and more ram. Octo core CPU and 4Gb ram (My hu has only 1Gb today).

I can see some of you already bought this hu, and I have some questions for you:

1) how is the Bluetooth module? In My current hu the radio disconnects the BT connection to My Phone (it has done it with multiple Phone) every 2-5min, also during a call, very annoying..

2) do you have any issues with Noise, like sort of generator Noise all the time??
And do you have an amp connected??

In mine I have this generator Noise constantly, also when muted.

3) can you test if the TomTom go mobile app can be installed from the Google playstore and works on this hu?


Sendt fra min G8341 med Tapatalk

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