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1.6 cdti power loss
Hi Folks, I've recently bought a 2014 astra 1.6cdti sports tourer techline which is giving me no end of trouble...

When I collected the car from Arnold Clark I didnt think anything of the "Service Vehicle soon" message when putting the key in the ignition as I'd mistakenly assumed that the service warning hadn't been reset following the pre-sale service. Turns out, as I found out the next day, that the DPF had issues as when turned on ignition to set up my phone with the headunit, the dispaly on the dash was displaying a "DPF full continue driving mandatory" message. Blasted car in 3rd for a few miles and message disappeared, only to reappear the next day. Follwed previous action and cleared again. Informed dealer of issue which they agreed to look at. 2 forced regens and a set of high pressure glow plugs later, car was returned seemingly fixed.

I now have an issue where the car (once engine up to temp) loses power when pushed, eg overtaking or accelerating up a steep gradient. By loss of power i mean car hesitates then refuses to rev past 200 rpm, no fault indicated on display, no power reduced message or service vehicle soon. pulling in and turning the car off and back on again cures the issue at least for 50 or so miles. Also don't seem to get much mileage between passive regens( assuming read demist active when not commanded is a passive regen..), 50 - 100 miles, I would have thought around 200+ would be the norm. I suspect DPF issue was a symptom of another fault?
Problems with the DPF often start after the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR) starts failing. I would check if the valve is working properly. They like to get jammed with soot.

Just like you said, you should be getting 200+ miles between regens, even when driving mostly in the city.
I've managed to get Arnold clark to agree to me taking the car to a vauxhall dealer for a diagnosis as I doubt their service center code reader will pick up and faults as I've said there is nothing on the driver display to indicate a fault. I'm liking the car but if I cant get fault fixed I will be rejecting the vehicle. Maybe I should have been concerned when I queried the MOT history with dealer as to why there were 2 MOTs within 6 months to be told the last buyer cancelled the sale so they re-MOT'd so can had min 11 months...

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